Unlike many high street practitioners, I’m a fully trained Doctor specialising in skin, and have a thorough understanding of anatomy. This means that I can help you to hold back the years with BOTOX® and dermal fillers, while maintaining a natural, but refreshed, appearance.

Consultation: £50

Filler cost: £350 per tube


Dermal Fillers

What are they?
These state-of-the-art gels are exact replicas of the natural sugars that plump up our skin.


How do they work?
Age, muscle movement, fat loss, sun damage and gravity can result in creases, wrinkles and reduced facial contours. Fillers can be used to add volume, smooth out creases and make the skin look firmer and tighter.


Are they safe?
Yes, I only use fillers that can be immediately dissolved if you’re not happy with the results. Problems occur when inexperienced practitioners administer fillers - that’s when you see trout pouts and puffy, unnatural faces.


How are they used?
They are injected into the skin at strategic points to hold back the skin that’s sagging due to shrinking bone and muscle underneath.


What’s involved?
The main areas of treatment are the nasolabial lines (the lines running between the nose and the mouth) and the subtle 8 Point Lift, which will give you same effect as a gentle facelift with no bruises and no downtime.

Are there any side effects?
You can sometimes get bruises and feel slightly tender for that day but otherwise no one else will know that you have had this done.




"Dr Clare is lovely — and my skin has never looked better."








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Dr. Clare is operating from the Jo Bregazzi clinic in Shrewsbury and you can book directly through the site.

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