Dr Clare Patterson was born in Shropshire, UK. Her passion for all things skin started when she had acne as a teenager. She decided to become a dermatologist from the first day at medical school. And so the journey began.

Dr Patterson studied medicine for 6 years at the University of London and obtained a further honours degree in Anatomy from University College London. She achieved entry into the Royal College of Physicians in London after two sets of rigorous exams, having gained experience as a General Medicine Doctor in Hospital, working in cardiology, surgery, paediatrics, infectious diseases and others.

As a result was then eligible for the extremely competitive selection process to be considered for a training position as a Dermatologist in Oxford, UK. She says she will always remember the moment she found out she had won the place for Oxford, UK – was absolutely ecstatic!

Over the next 7 years she worked in all aspects of dermatology from surgery to paediatric dermatology to dermoscopy, lasers and cosmetic treatments with the best in Europe.

Dr Patterson spent 2 years researching ways to prevent skin cancer and obtained a post doctorate degree at The University of Sydney.

“I have presented all over the world, including with: The American Academy of Dermatology, The British Association of Dermatology, The European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV). I have published internationally. I have taught medical students at the Universities of London, Oxford and Sydney. I have been the Dermatologist advisor for several multidisciplinary teams on skin cancer including; plastic surgeons, oncologists, ENT surgeons”.

She has accreditation as a specialist Dermatologist in the UK and following intense interviews and assessments she has accreditation with the Australasian College of Dermatologists (ACD).


Why a Cosmetic Dermatologist?

Cosmetic procedures are NOT without risk.

Unlike many practitioners not only am I a Doctor but a dermatologist, with over two decades experience in treating and operating ONLY skin patients and a degree in anatomy, so you are in safe hands!

The skill and ARTISTRY of the practitioner will determine the effect of any injectables. Dr Patterson also considers the psychologist and therapist aspect! The job is definitely more than just skin deep.

The aesthetic result is dependent on the skills and eye of the practitioner. If you are looking for natural, but effective results, then Dr Patterson is experienced in providing the desired outcome.

Dr Patterson has worked with only skin patients for over 22 years and had her own cosmetic practice in both the UK and Australia

She ensures each client is assessed on an individual basis with a bespoke treatment plan She firmly believes in less is more and will only create natural enhancements, where you will leave her clinic and no one will ever know .

Dr Patterson says: “I love the cosmetic side of dermatology and find making people feel happy with how they look extremely rewarding”.